How to Cut Through the Hype on Anti-Aging Products: Know What Works

With everyone being so youth-conscious, anti-aging products are among the bestselling cosmetics on the market. If the truth be told, few of them are as effective as they should be and many of them carry a high price tag, whether they work or not. Sometimes it’s all in the name and the marketing those companies utilize. The fact is, much of what you see and hear is hype so it’s important to know how to cut through all that to find anti-aging creams that really work. Believe it or not, those products are out there, so here are some tips on cutting through the anti-aging hype.

The Biggest Issue Is Celebrity Endorsements

Perhaps the biggest issue is the fact that celebrities are coming out of the woodwork to endorse anti-aging products. Some of these women are well past their prime but look like they are in their early 30s. Wouldn’t you if you had the resources to get cosmetic surgery at the drop of a dime? What you should understand is that those older celebs who still look young are getting paid extremely well to be an ambassador for those products. There is always some question as to whether they truly use them or if their young appearance is the work of some highly paid cosmetic surgeon in Beverly Hills. Do you really want to find out at your own expense?

Second in Line Are the Active Ingredients

Then there are those products that simply don’t work because they don’t contain any real ‘active’ ingredients. Sometimes what works to repair skin damaged by acne, for example, will not work to smooth and firm up the skin in an anti-aging product. While retinoids will work for both, some of those ingredients in acne formulations are indeed active but will do little for reducing the premature signs of aging.

When you are looking for an anti-aging product with active ingredients that work, check out those which have been effective in clinical trials. Look at reviews on Dermaset Skincare, to mention one product on the market, and you will find the information you need on any clinical trials these products have undergone and whether real people are getting real results.

High Cost and High Quality Do Not Always Equate

Finally, what is it about high cost that makes us believe one product is better than one which doesn’t cost nearly as much? Have we been so programmed as a society as to believe that anything useful or effective needs to cost more? If this were truly the case, then generic antibiotics wouldn’t cure an infection and economy cars wouldn’t outlast highend foreign-made automobiles. You can’t always equate cost with quality so keep that in mind. As a general rule of thumb, stick with moderately priced anti-aging creams that are neither the highest priced on the market or the cheapest.

Remember, it is up to you to work your way through the hype to find what really works. You know, without a doubt, that manufacturers are willing to pay top dollar for marketing strategies and that’s often reflected in cost. Do the research and you’ll find the right anti-aging cream with the benefits you need. That’s the easiest solution of all. Know what you are buying.