Marijuana Addiction or Dependency

Marijuana has been a hot topic as of recently. Many people are talking about it non-stop. Most want the plant legalized and some are still in favor of keeping it illegal. It all fairness, it can do more good if we make it legal. More jobs, more economic growth and better vices than what’s out there like alcohol or tobacco. With all this being said, there is another side to marijuana that not many people get to notice or even admit. Cannabis can create a dependency to it. This can often be mixed with addiction and cause some people to think it is the same thing. Well it’s not.

Addiction is usually when your body or your mind wants something that you have been feeding it. Marijuana dependency is more of wanting it because of a habit or because you think you want it. Addiction can cause the body physical pain usually from not getting what you are addicted too. Marijuana will make you constantly, non-stop think about using it.

Other effects will slowly start to affect you too. One of the main ones that will bit you in the behind is amotivational syndrome. This is where the whole idea of pot makes you lazy comes from. Amotivational syndrome is where you do not have the drive in you as you used too. It will make you care less about the rewards of your labor. A study was done on rats that showed when rats were given constant doses of cannabis, stopped working for rewards after a while. The marijuana caused their dopamine levels to rise which gave them the reward they seeked.

Withdrawal Symptoms

Just because you don’t get addicted to marijuana does not mean you cannot get weed withdrawals. This is very common for users who have been using every day or regularly for quite some time. These symptoms can differ from person to person but for the most part, it is all the same common effects.

One of the first symptoms you will notice is the snappy or jumpy mood you are in. You tend to be more short tempered or aggressive than usual. The theory of why this happens is because you are more aware and mindful of your surroundings rather than being calm and relaxed when you’re high. This can last for a few days but getting your mind to calm down by meditating is a really good idea.

Another symptom is the lack of appetite. Almost immediately the next day you will notice you are not as hungry as you were. Your appetite is suppressed and you aren’t in the mood to eat. This will probably last until dinner time and then it will cease. Exercising is a good way to open up your appetite.

The last main one that many people experience is finding it hard to sleep the first few nights. Not being as lethargic as before will cause you to have more energy. You will notice your mind racing with a lot of thoughts. It’s ok because that’s fine. Meditating or exercising is another good way to make sure this isn’t a problem.