Lomaira: Health benefits,and SIDE EFFECTS



Lomaira is a weight loss management medication used to help people who are overweight. It is a controlled prescription medication used for the enhancement of weight loss in adults. Medically known as phentermine hydrochloride USP tablets; “Phentermine hydrochloride is an anorectic sympathomimetic amine. Chemically known as α, α, -dimethylphenethylamine hydrochloride”. This weight loss medication is used for a short period of time because it can become a habit.

Health benefits of Lomaira

Lomaria enhances weight reduction in adults. It is best combined with exercise and a low calorie diet for effective weight reduction. This medication belongs to the class of drugs called anorectics, which may help with appetite suppression. It is an appetite suppressant.

The weight loss rate associated with the use of an anorectic drug differs from study to study, and the increased in weight loss is somehow related in one way or the other to some variables other than the drugs prescribed, variables like; the healthcare professional, population of the people treated and prescribed diet. This medication is for obese adults with a BMI (body mass index) ranging from 30 or more and for an overweight person with a BMI of 27 and experiencing one condition or the other relating to weight. These conditions may include any of this; high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes.


Wondering where to buy your lomaira supplements online? Lomaira supplements do not require tedious search before you make a purchase. These supplements are available for purchase in online shops. If your body adjust quite well to the maximum dosage of phentermine to the extent that its effects are experienced less severe, do not exceed the maximum dosage all in a bid to increase the drug effect. Do not buy lomaira online without prescriptions. Combining phentermine with other weight loss medication is not advisable. This can cause Primary pulmonary hypertension (PPH). There is also a report of a rare fatal lung disease in patients who had combined fenfluramine/dexfenfluramine with phentermine for weight loss. You don’t need to worry about where to buy lomaira, it is readily available online.


Lomaira serves as the strength of phentermine hydrochloride. It has been approved by FDA to be administered thrice a day. The drug comes in a tablet form and a tablet is to be taken three times per day and must be taken 30 minutes before each meal.

Side Effects

Some reported side effects associated with the prolong use of phentermine include; pulmonary hypertension, increased heart rate or blood pressure, insomnia, valvular heart disease, dry mouth or unpleasant taste, diarrheal, constipation, dizziness, restlessness, palpitations, and changes in sexual drive. There are still some likeable side effects of phentermine. To know more, consult your doctor.

Do not take this medication if you have a history relating to cardiovascular disease like, coronary artery disease, stroke, arrhythmias, congestive heart failure or high blood pressure, and you have been using monoamine oxidase inhibitor drug (MAOI) for the past 14 days, or suffering from overactive thyroid condition, glaucoma, if you have a history of drug abuse, if you are pregnant, lactating, or allergic to sympathomimetic amines like phentermine or any of the ingredients in Lomaira. If you have any of the aforementioned conditions, lomaira is not recommended for you. Consult your doctor before taking this medication.