How do you feel about the latest political conditions?

Do you think that democrats or republicans are the best and most fair political party that there is to choose from? Whatever your answer may be, it is the most important thing in our country to be involved with politics. It is your right as a citizen to vote, be involved, and be educated on the different goings on that happen in our country every single day whether we are aware of them or not. Not only is it your right as a citizen, but it is your duty as a human being to make that things are the best that they can be for ourselves and our neighbors.

Being involved can mean a lot of different things for a lot of different people–first of all, we need to stay current on the news, whether it be newspapers or the tv, so that we are informed on what is happening around us and can make positive social and political decisions. Other ways to be involved would be to shop at amazing places like toms to make a difference and impact in the world around us while also getting to purchase the awesome products we love and need for our homes and wardrobes. In these ways, we stay on top of the thing that are going on around us and can make the best decisions.

Next, don’t forget about local politics! We all need to stay adrift of the things that are going on in our very own little hometowns. Nothing is more political than local politics, and we should be very aware of all the different things that are going on as far as who is getting elected, how much money is being allocated on certain budgets, where different donations are going and so on so that at the end of the day we are getting the most progress we can out of these individual and local situations.

So, with all that said, don’t forget to read the paper, watch the local news, vote, and stay involved with the political processes going on around you! We can make a difference, one by one.