Breast augmentation is the most common type of cosmetic surgery – Few facts on it

Breast augmentation is the most common kind of cosmetic surgery. Reports reveal that in the year 2015, around 280,000 teenagers and women went through this surgery to enlarge their breasts with saline implants and more than 106,000 breast cancer patients reconstructed their breasts post mastectomy. Breast augmentation has tripled since 1997 when there were only 101,000 of these processes.

Nearly 44,000 implant removal processes were reported in 2015 and with these statistics; it is not even surprising that despite the increasing number of breast implants, there are still debates about their safety. Here are few facts that you should know about breast implants.

Are there any known risks of breast augmentation?

There have been many medical journals which give reports of complications seen among women who have gone through breast augmentation. There are different types of short term and long term risks which women should know about if they’re about to get a breast implant done or they remove or replace their older implants.

There may be some local complications which may refer to the issues which can occur around the areas of the breast which are definitely related to the surgery or breast implant. There are some other complications like chronic pain in the breast, numbness of nipples, necrosis (skin death), the requirement of additional surgery and cosmetic problems.

Among patients who have gone through reconstruction:

  • 48% of women who have taken silicone gel implants and 22% with saline implants underwent re-operation within 3 years.
  • 25% of silicone patients and 8% of saline patients had eliminated their implants later on.
  • 6% of patients with silicone and 16% saline patients went through pain in their breasts.

The scar tissues which form around the foreign body can become tight and hard all over the implant. This is a common issue is known as capsular contracture. Although the scar tissues are within the body, it may cause the breasts to get misshaped and hard.

Can implants break?

Eventually, all breast implants will break at some point of time but the exact number of years is not known. Studies reveal that breast implants last 7-12 years but some can break within few months or it may last even till 15 years. FDA reports reveal that women had one broken implant within 11 years. Silicone would gradually move out of the breast capsule and most of the women weren’t aware that this happened.

Migration of silicone

Research shows that the silicone gel in implants can break to liquid silicone at the usually temperature of the body. In fact, there have been various reports of leakage of silicone and migration to other organs and lymph nodes. If silicone migrates to liver, lungs and other organs, you can suffer from different diseases.

Research reveals that implants are usually associated with considerable risks, both economic and cosmetic. Sadly enough, long-term risks remain unknown due to lack of studies. Nevertheless, if you want to get any kind of cosmetic surgery done, you may get in touch with an ace plastic surgeon in Rockville md.