5 Must Know Facts About Men’s Grooming

Let’s face it. A nicely groomed male is never a disadvantage to this big bad world of wander lusting hipsters and satchel-toting lads. Here are five facts of male grooming you’ve probably never even thought about it.


You’ve probably already know that body odour doesn’t come from sweat but more so the breakdown of sweat by bacteria that live on the skin. Sweat is odourless and when it comes into contact with the skin’s bacteria, an unpleasant scent is produced. The particular odour is dictated purely by what we eat.

Consumables or spicy foods that have a lot of garlic or onions can be carried into sweat which gives body odour its distinctive smell — some more pungent than others.


Razor blades? The best a man could get in a time before Gillette came in the form of flint knives, sharks teeth and clamshells. Dating as far back as 15,000 years ago, the art of shaving involved using two shells to pluck hair out or by simply using a sharp object and water to cut hair.


There’s a theory that the aesthetic nature of shaving actually came into play around 3000 BC when copper tools were invented.


Hair goes through its very own life cycle and comes with no shortage of intriguing facts. Hair is known to grow at 0.44mm per day on average with the growth rate dependent on hormones, age and genetics.

When it comes to grey hair, the body naturally produces hydrogen peroxide in the hair which slowly discolours and bleaches as we age. Caucasians typically start greying in their mid-30s while Asians get grey hair in their late 30s and darker skinned people in their mid to late 40s.

Grey hair becomes prevalent for most people by the age of 50. And then comes receding hair, which is the result of both age and genetics. On average most men begin thinning out in their late 20s but it takes another 15-25 years to go completely bald. Until then you can plan ahead with men’s grooming clinic Sydney.


Fingernails grow an average of 3.47mm per month which is twice as fast the rate of toenail growth. Men normally have faster growing nails. The middle finger has the fastest growing nail, and the pinky nail is the slowest.

And let’s not forget about germs. Several bacteria are living under your fingernails including both yeast and fungus, so make sure that you trim those bad boys regularly with the right tools and keep them out of your mouth.


If you’ve ever done Burning Man or some other festival which requires you to be at one with nature for a good stint without showering, you would have experienced a bit of uncleanliness. No dramas there. But if you decided to put off showering for a whole month or more? Bacteria. Lots of bacteria.

The body’s skin has normal bacteria but with the build-up of germs and bacteria, there’s an increase in chance of it entering the eyes, nose or mouth which can make you sick. Go even further without a good scrub and skin infections can occur from dirt build-up and dead skin cells.

Finally, we have the last frontier, a nasty piece of work called Dermatitis Neglecta which is the occurrence of scaly brown patches all over the skin due to prolonged build-up of said bacteria and dirt.