5 Most Important Hair Transplant Factors that You Must Know

There are many facts, factual information, applicable terms and also the myths, confusions and wrong perception about the hair and hair transplants. However, it is important to know about some factual information about the hair transplant procedure to get aware about the true sense of the hair restoration procedure. Many people drop the decision to get the restoration due to some wrong information or they affected by the myths related to the procedure and it should be clear to get the utmost benefits from such kind of great cosmetic procedure that get back your hair originally with 100% natural results.

Nowadays, the hair transplant in Delhi is in peak demand due to the availability of the quality cosmetic procedure unified with great facilities matched with the American standard performed by the expert hair transplant Doctors in India.

The Important 5 Factors that You Must Know before going to get the Hair Transplant Procedure:

  1. Transplanted Hair retains the characteristics of Donor Hair: The hair restoration procedure involves the changing of locations of the hair roots from the permanent hair zone (donor area) into the recipient areas of the hair loss in order to cover the bald portion with a head full of hair. The transplanted hair in the process of transplantation being extracted from the areas from where they are destined to remain permanent particularly termed as the safest donor area, usually the back and sides of the scalp. These hairs even after the transplantation retains their characteristics of permanent in nature and their DHT resistant attributes saves it from being falling.
  2. The Hairs are Longer lasting with the attributes of Natural effective: The transplanted hair is of permanent and never falls as the hair roots are extracted from the safe donor area in most of the cases and the transplantation procedure again cover the bald area with the natural hair from the patient’s own body part is the most valuable aspect of the hair restoration procedure. The transplanted hair doesn’t need any extra care as these hairs can be cut, color and styling accordingly.
  3. No need to give Extra care or Medications to boost the Hair Growth: After the successful hair transplantation performed by the expert hair transplant Surgeon doesn’t require extra care, prescriptions to follow as the hair grows naturally likewise the safe donor area’s hair and it follows the body physiological attributes for gaining the growth as according to the hair growth cycle.
  4. The FUT technique is the Most Prevalent: The Follicular Unit Transplant is a Gold standard technique of the hair transplantation involves the strip excision containing a number of hair follicles only from the back & sides of the scalp to extract the hair roots results in permanent hair roots fulfill the aesthetic demand of the hair transplant procedure. The FUT technique is mostly followed by the expert hair transplant surgeon in order to get the high-density hair transplant as well as the most permanent results of the procedure.
  5. The Hair Fall & Hair Loss is two different Aspects: The hair fall and losing of hair are two different aspects that must understand by the hair loss patient before going to get the treatment of hair transplant. The hair fall is a natural process as a part of the hair growth cycle normally falling with 80-100 hair strands regarded as the natural hair fall and it is not considered as a problem, whereas hair falling greater than the number of 100 hair strands comes under the hair fall problem that may have many reasons includes, medicinal effect, chronic disease, cancer treatments of conditional factors. And, the hair loss is a totally different aspect that occurs due to the genetic causes of Androgenic alopecia or by some other hormonal disorder or autoimmune disease, i.e., Alopecia areata, Telogen effluvium and to some extent of the psychological disorder like Trichotillomania or Traction alopecia. The hair loss means hairs are not growing again on the scalp, but the hair falls define the further hair growth. The hair transplant is applicable to the patients of having the hair loss problem by any other reason, whether it is genetic, hormonal, autoimmune or psychological.


On the whole, we can say that it is mandatory to know about the each fact, aspects and factual information regarding the hair transplant procedure and getting the surgery/procedure for a permanent solution to the hair loss is a quite correct decision in order to get the best natural outcomes of the procedure.